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December 16

Winter Berceuse

Winter Berceuse, December Farmhouse and Crick, Crack, Creek – three haiku can be found at The Boston Literary Magazine here: Thanks to editor, Robin Stratton and the entire editorial staff.

November 05

My Darling Thistle

Buy the print copy of the fall 2015 Boston Literary Magazine. It’s worth every penny! In addition to ‘My Darling Thistle’ (published Fall, 2015), look for three winter haiku to appear in the upcoming Winter issue.

September 11

Burden of the Child

They died each other’s best and only friend. Fading echos of parting goodbyes softly caressing their ears as they made their final descent. They died in each other’s eyes, hands clasped. The low whistle of rising steam, off in the distance a departing train. Bluebirds flying in pairs no longer frightened, no longer threatened. A […]

June 23


The work that appears on this site represents excerpts from published work only with a link to the magazine or publisher. Exceptions include pieces that were published by a magazine no longer in business. In such cases, the entire piece is included for posterity with credit to the original publisher. BIO Stories and poetry on […]

June 23

Darwin’s Compassion

In 1975 a farmer ups and leaves, takes a room at the bar Just up and leaves his cows, his dog and his barn He walks from his fields, his home, everything dear No money in this godforsaken place, he said Whether sound of mind, remains unclear Locked in their stanchions, the bovine wither Without […]

May 14

Lost to Lewy Body

In the dark, a visceral calm Spiraling lead sailing unsheathed Enter the shoulder, exit the palm Slackened white clad porcelain teeth Spiraling lead, sailing unsheathed From the chamber, its… Published by Eclectica Magazine (May 2015) Read it here:

May 14

Inside of Age

  (First Published by Cyclamens & Swords Magazine, April 2015) Inside of Age The old man said We get cynical with age Don’t let it get you A bird is in the cage   We get cynical with age Accept it gracefully A bird is in the cage Singing faithfully   Accept it gracefully Behind […]

May 14

What lies beneath

(First Published by Cyclamens & Swords Magazine, April 2015) Hear the spoken words, let’s ride Imagine it dark and still The words elicit grave excitement Here there is motion and running raining and pounding swimming and thrashing together with others of the same lot Here there will be risk and danger some will be lost […]