July 02

Sugar to Rust

Winter. You are eighty-four:
I call you a bastard but long after your gentle side had disappeared, owing to two decades of vodka. Now you sit, surrounded by pillows and stare through the only window that matters. That single pane that faces the bird feeder, empty and swinging alone. It’s the only sign of life in this long forsaken place. This pine board box where you spent your childhood—your beloved sugar shack.
A mirror hangs, smudged and crooked, on the adjacent wall and reflects your shrunken face—your beard, tangled and gray. On the floor lies this week’s USA Today. Its curled pages marred with burns—a yellow, ashen hue. The day is empty. No news worth reading and the birds have come and gone. In a surly voice you instruct me to cancel the subscription. There won’t be unpaid bills when your day comes.

Autumn, a decade before:

Read the rest of the story as published in the June edition of ‘The Harpoon Review’, here:


A very special thanks to Editors, Gary Lovely and Jack Buck. It’s an honor to have ‘Sugar to Rust’ appear in ‘The Harpoon Review’.

UPDATE: ‘Sugar to Rust’ featured in the July edition of Writing the Polish Diaspora. Special thanks to John Guzlowski, renowned poet and author of award winning ‘Echoes of Tattered Tongues’ for republishing the story. Find it here:


FURTHER UPDATE: Pleased to announce that ‘Sugar’ will appear next in, ‘Wytrych in Poland. Thanks to Poet, Henryk Cierniak for taking an interest and translating the story.