November 27

The Imaginary Harpoon

It had been two days since the sea took Solomon. Two days since the tangle of rope unleashed its tentacles, snatched his ankle, and jerked him face down across the deck as froth washed over his back. The mast sheared off clean, crashed to the floor, and then plunged into the water. The rope, belayed about its middle, dragged Solomon right along with it. His long, tan body slipped under a wave—the ocean drinking him in as if it sucked an oyster out of its shell. His golden hair bobbed from his head like a buoy in the wake, then the fog draped over him thick as a wall of cotton.

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Thanks to editors: Editor-In-Chief Sheryl Monks and the Change-Seven team, Antonio Maltezos, Laurel Dowswell, Eric Rampson, Priscilla Bourgoine, Chelsei Crotteau, Emily Ramser and Shannon Henesy for choosing to publish, ‘The Imaginary Harpoon’.

Photo credit and copyright: Everett Collection