April 05


You don’t any more than cross the road to your neighbor’s house when you hear the crack of the plastic hose against her bottom. A girl of fourteen, large for her age, lies sprawled in the driveway, pants to her knees. Dirt mixes with saliva and covers her lips and chin. She is crying. She is wailing. You are running. You are running toward her with every muscle on fire.

A man stands above her cursing in a thick accent but…(Read the story here at Change-Seven Magazine Issue 2.1…


Thanks to editors: Editor-In-Chief Sheryl Monks and the Change-Seven team, Antonio Maltezos, Laurel Dowswell, Eric Rampson, Priscilla Bourgoine, Chelsei Crotteau, Emily Ramser and Shannon Henesy for choosing to publish, ‘Plastic’.