January 30

The Blue Melon

Upstairs in the old farmhouse, Adam Katz, a boy of thirteen, kicked at the sheets that covered his bed. He often slept like a stone, but on that night he could have been a ghost, like ether, slipping between waking and dreams. Perhaps it was due to the moonlight that poured through the curtains, which lolled in the breeze. Or, perhaps it was the air, sublime and faintly scented with June strawberries, mint, and new-mown hay. In this half asleep state, Adam envisioned the night sky alight with the tails of falling stars and a single tree that faced the garden when he was jolted upright, startled by a crackling hum. The house began to vibrate. The panes of his window jostled. The wooden door creaked and popped then sent itself ajar. He leapt from his bed and snapped the curtains away from the pane. A pale blue light gleamed from the garden below. The humming ceased. Crickets silenced their calls. Every follicle on his neck stood quivering on end…

Read the story here at The Tishman Review – Issue TTR 2.1:


Thanks to editors Jennifer Porter, Maura Snell and Steven Matthew Constantine at The Tishman Review for publishing ‘The Blue Melon’ in issue TTR 2.1

UPDATE: Pleased and humbled to announce that ‘The Blue Melon’ won the Tishman Review Issue 2.1 Reader’s Award for short fiction. (under 1,000 word category)