June 24

The Battery Cage

My name is Loretta. I belong to the Onion Head. I call him the Onion Head because his appearance is that of a fresh picked onion hanging upside down – his round yellow head the bulbous onion and its hollow green stem his wrinkled coveralls. His pant legs chafe and swish as he robotically makes his rounds at the same monotonous pace with his hands in his pockets – no doubt fingering coins. When he arrives at camp…

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Review by FictionFeed:

the author prioritizes story and world-building: the battery cages in this factory farm are a neighborhood, the “onion head” who rules over them is a sort of deity (not the benevolent kind)–there is a sort of mythology in place, a culture and geography and conflict. It gives the reader something to invest in, beyond the horrors.

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