May 14

What lies beneath

(First Published by Cyclamens & Swords Magazine, April 2015)

Hear the spoken words,

let’s ride

Imagine it dark and still

The words elicit grave excitement

Here there is motion and running

raining and pounding

swimming and thrashing together

with others

of the same lot

Here there will be risk and danger

some will be lost

A single objective

at the end of the journey

Reward, retribution

a fertilized egg

The man races forward

journeyman that he is

perhaps always will be

and for this

we seek no explanation


Thanks to editors, Johnmichael Simon and Helen Bar-Lev for publishing, ‘What Lies Beneath’ in Cyclamens and Swords Magazine. A special heartfelt thanks to my friends and readers in Israel, home of this fine magazine.